Sound made beautiful.

D1: an artisanally crafted speaker, that combines superior sound clarity and power in a remarkable compact size.

An engineering revolution.

The secret of the D1 is the unique anti-resonance enclosure, which is vacuum casted into a single solid piece, with walls up to 3 cm thick.
Such structure is incredibly rigid and therefore able to reduce resonance to the minimum.
The result is a signature sound, free from any unwanted distortion.

Precise sound. Titanium made.

Titanium is known for being extremely rigid yet lightweight.
When used in a speaker driver, it offers superior performance compared to standard materials.
Our full-range titanium driver delivers a transparent sound with a pristine midrange.
It packs enough power to fill a room with music, but it doesn’t distort the sound even when pushed hard.

Shaped like no others.

The D1 reinvents the conventional look of traditional speakers to create a new way of experiencing the beauty of sound.
The unit has a minimalistic yet refined design:
the body is sculpted into a seamless round cabinet, in which the driver is perfectly nested.

Sound wherever you need it most.

The compact size allows you to put these speakers even in places you couldn’t think before:
no matter where your listening position is, the D1 will always sound perfect, even when placed very close to a wall.

Made. Not manufactured.

All our speakers are unique and made to order.
Each speaker is crafted and painted by hand. We take our time in each step of the building process to ensure everything is done at the highest standard possible.
We are obsessed by quality and we seek perfection in every detail.


  • • Break in time: 50-60 hours
  • • Power Handling: 25 Watts RMS. 50 watts max
  • • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • • Frequency Response: 68-20,000 Hz
  • • Sensitivity: 89 dB 1W/1m
  • • Dimensions: 19 cm L x 17 cm W x 17.5 cm H
  • • Weight per unit: 2.7kg